Hello everybody, welcome to my new blog DragonFly Adventures!


This blog has the intention to take you from your comfort zone, get out and do stuff that so far you might never thought could be able to.

I’ll be guiding you periodically not just virtually but also in person, sharing The DragonFly Experience, giving advice about where to go what to do, planing trips in group and inviting you to come! Starting in New England and going anywhere there is adventure and nature  to be explored around the Earth planet, for now.
I’m talking about hiking, rafting, skiing, hang gliding, skydiving, rappel, rock climbing, scuba diving, canyon swing, mountain biking, and much more.
Come with me and find out that your limits go way farther than you thought! Enjoy the beauty of the nature and feel the adrenaline and motivation of an outdoor activity! That’s the best way to feel alive!
I will also accept new ideas and referred places to go.
I want this to be an interactive blog where I’ll give and accept others ideas reserving it the credits as well.

Since I’ll be guiding you, you probably want to know a little bit about myself, right?
Here I go!
You know my name.
I have a Facebook public page.
I have 2 amazing kids that motivate and give a booster on my life forever! Soon I’ll be releasing an autobiography book!!! Very exciting! And I hope one day soon, Sandra Bullock will be representing me, since she’s  goofy and funny just like I think I am. But that’s just a dream!
I started falling in love with the nature since I was a kid in Rio de Janeiro. But by been a girl in a sexist family of 5 boys I was never allowed to do anything. Later on I came to US and I remember going to the Old Man at The Mountain in NH with a group of kids plus mine, for the day. We took the cable car going up and I saw a lady hiking up. I asked her if she was crazy. How could she do that with so much danger around? She probably thought I was crazy and she was right. I was crazy for not taking risks in my life.
One day I met this amazing person who introduced me to the mountains, teaching all the respect and caution we must take, as well as how to follow trails, and know how to pack, and be aware and away of dangers. Things that I never thought would be possible before!
After that it’s been a blessing! I found myself a very adventurous person that had been hidden behind of a super mom. Adrenaline is my addiction up to the point that some times scares me. And that is when it has the best effect! I’m anti-drugs but pro-adrenaline!!!
Somebody told me that everything that I post has exclamation sign (!). That’s because I take everything on an extreme way! You don’t need to live your life with the same boring routine. Everything in life has a different perspective to be seen, and I see all of them on the adventurous perspective!!!


I love it! Makes me feel way more alive than ever, and live the life with more intensity!
So now that you know a little bit about me, embark and embrace this life style!
Soon you’ll see it’s for the best!

Rita Kingsbury