SLIDE-5That was a crazy last-minute decision. Not different from anything else in my life.
I have just come back from Seattle where I climbed Mt Rainier, when something inside started pushing  me to shoot for the stars. I didn’t get that far but 6 months later I was climbing Kilimanjaro, and  it’s been for sure the highest point I have reached by foot so far.
Once I planted Kilimanjaro in my mind, nobody would remove it until I have accomplished my goal.
The roof of Africa, 19,345’ ft high, located in Tanzania is one of the most visited and common target for thousands of hikers every year.
It took us 6 days to complete, 4 1\2 days up and 1 1\2 day down.
Whoever says it’s easy is for sure under estimating this fantastic experience! It’s not easy-going through 5 different kind of terrains (1- rain forest up until Machame Hut, 2- heath and moorland from Machame to Shira Cave, 3- cultivation zone from Shira to Lava Tower and to Barranco Valley, 4- alpine desert from Barranco to Karanga and to Barafu Camp, 5- icecap or summit from Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Hut), and having to adapt through all of them while you keep walking for at least 8 hours per day at extremely high elevation. Under the rain for most of the time. Sleeping in tents. Waking up 5am every day to repack and get ready for the next stretch of hiking. Eating an okay food for the circumstances, and keep going.
Not even talking about the bathroom, a whole on the ground that we were happy to have some privacy, located on each campground. Think about doing squad right after each day hiking. That’s it! Definitely not easy!
SLIDE-6But yes FOR SURE the beauty of the mountain and the overcome of our self limits plus the inner need to get to the top, motivated us to keep going and make it worth the sacrifice.
Every morning we’d wake up with a different and closer view of the top of Kili. It was so mysterious and gorgeous! Most of the time surrounded by the clouds. No, not even once I thought about regretting for been there!

Do you want to know more?

Follow my blog and I’ll be posting by next week the development and ending of this great adventure! I will share pictures as well as some tips and advices about what to bring and how to pack for Kilimanjaro. Things that you can find out very helpful if you are planing on going for this. You gonna love it!

See you soon!!


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