Mount Cardigan

Mount Cardigan

imageIt’s a bare-rock summit located between the towns of Alexandria and Orange,  New Hampshire. It’s about 1h and 40min from Boston, using 93N.
Part of the Appalachian Mountain, Mt Cardigan is 3,156′ ft elevation.
There are many trails up to the summit ranging from easy to moderate, so you can find options to better fit your ability. At the most stiff trail, you’ll find a section of rock climbing at Hult Trail that does not require equipment, but it is welcome if you want to practice imageyour skills.

How to avoid some problems and make a successful and pleasurable hike?

Fist of all, a successful hike for me is when we come back home at the end of the day safe and sound with no injury.
Last Saturday I experienced some turbulence that could have been avoided and it almost took the pleasure away from our hike.
You must understand the level of difficulty of the trail that you will be going on.
No one can assume they are prepared for a stiff trail if all that they do on a regular basis is lift weights. You need stamina, you must do some cardio!
You can not be afraid of heights.
Water is necessary as well as a sandwiches, snacks, proper sneakers and clothes, a fully charged cell phone, repellent, sun screen, small first aid kit, and a map. Other items that are also welcome are a hat, flash light, and a light jacket (even during the summer time, leave it in your back pack for the unexpected).

You shouldn’t take more time than what you need at the summit. Think that if anything goes wrong during your descent, it’s better if you still have sunlight to solve the problem.
Don’t forget that even a small mistake on the trail going down, can become 30 miles out of your original start. And that can be a nightmare when you have no-service or a dead cell phone, no more food or water, flashlight, jacket, or Uber to take you back to your car. It happened  to us, and thanks to a couple of angels that gave ride driving us back to the car, we were able to come back home safe.

Hiking is supposed to be for fun, exercise, and mental hygiene. I hope you enjoy it!


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