Mount Greylock

The roof top of Massachusetts, Mount Greylock is 3,489 ft elevation. The peak is located inimage the town of Adams at Northwest of Mass, almost on the border of New York and Vermont.
On top of it there is a huge 93 ft high “lighthouse”. There are many misinformation about it, but the truth is that it was built on 1931 as a memorial, and the light would keep alive the memory of those who have lost their lives during war.
The only taiga-boreal forest in the state, it shows a magic and enchanting beauty in a very dense forest. The trails are primitive and you will find many falling trees blocking the way that you have to jump over it in order to keep going. I love it!
A 2,179 mi Appalachian Trail traverse the mountain.image
From May to Nov 1st you can drive up there, and you will find a small hotel with a very nice restaurant and a fast food service, so you can have your deserved sandwich or hot clam chowder after climbing the mountain.
So many people launch from the summit with paragliders.  That’s a very favorable place to do so, with a spectacular view!
By the way paraglide is on DragonFly Adventures’ must do list!

Good to remember: Whenever you go climb any mountain, unless you know the trails very well and have been there recently, it’s always good to make a quick stop by the visitor center and get some up to date about the trails condition, timing, weather, sunset time. Just so you don’t get any unwelcome surprise.

It was good sharing another cool place to go! I hope you have a safe fun exciting summer!


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