Rock Climbing – Outdoor

imageIt’s a perfect outdoor activity to do with friends or family! During the summer and winter time!
It’s worth the try!
I’ve been doing indoor rock climbing for a while, but nothing would prepare me for the amazing feeling of doing it outdoor for real, on a real rock wall, going as high as you can. I just loved it!
I went to IMCS (International Mountain Climbing School) with a friend of mine at North Conway, NH. We signed up for the whole day climbing, which means from 9am to 3;30pm. It was a beautiful place,  2 1/2 hour from Boston right by the White Mountains. They provide you with the whole gear you’ll need for a safe and awesome experience; like shoes, harness, helmet, belay, carabiner, rope. The whole climber package so you can have a great time. Plus the guide/instructor of course.

There are two styles of climbing: free climbing and aid climbing.
I did free climbing where we usually work in pairs and use ropes and anchors designed to catch falls. We ascend by holding onto and stepping on natural features of the rock, using finger tips, rope and equipment merely to catch us in case of fall and provide belay. The level of difficult and how steep and long routes are, will determine the class that goes from 1-6, based on Yosemite Decimal System (YDS). Where 1-3 is usually used for hiking and trail running, 4 is for simple climbing, 5 is technical and the hardware is used only for safety (subdivided from 5.0/easy to 5.15/almost impossible and demands great endurance and physical and mental stamina), and 6 that’s considered aid climb, going from A0 to A5 and does not require much from you because the equipment does the whole work.

Believe me or not I went up to 5.8 (unfinished) I was already tired when I finally got to that point. My next climb will be at the Cathedral Ledge! I can’t wait for it! It’s my intention to take 3 day classes and soon buy the equipment and practice it more often, going with friends somewhere closer to Boston.
For this sport I’d recommend you to be in a good fit, with strong arms, finger tips and legs, although you put a lot of strength on your core.
I hope this post will help you somehow to take the decision to engage into this adventure.
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Info: Rock climbing is on the list of the Olympic Games for 2016 in Brazil!
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